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GoBiz Financial | Luvurhm Realty | DLC Designs & Construction

GoBiz Financial | Luvurhm Realty | DLC Designs & Construction begun as Vicky De La Cruz has had a successful career serving different businesses and consumers with her consulting, planning and development, lending, credit, registration, and minority business certification expertise. This experience and her passion for helping hardworking people have led her to the home investment and consulting services GoBiz Financial | Luvurhm Realty | DLC Designs & Construction now offer. Our mission here today is simple: to provide hardworking Americans and small business owners with the knowledge they need to get ahead.

Vicky graduated from Texas Tech University in 2001 with a degree in business. She worked at Bank of America for 14 years, beginning as a teller and working her way up to vice president, holding numerous positions in between. With Vickys background and our team of experts here, we have developed a keen insight into the inner workings of financial institutions, which today allows us to provide tailored, practical advice to others about home investment.

Vicky De La Cruz, Graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.

Over a span of fourteen years I acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of banking and finance. I have successfully owned and currently operating the following entities:

  • 2017-Present Chief Executive Officer at V&D Financial LLC.
  • 2018- Present Chief Executive Officer at GoBiz Financial | Luvurhm Realty | DLC Designs & Construction.
  • 2018 - Present Partner at Luvurhm Realty Group
  • 2022 - Present Partner at DLC Designs & Construction LLC

Juan Valles

Over 10 years of Civil and Infrastructure improvements in the North Texas Region. Proficient in civil and earthworks construction. Project management, company development, and business management


  • Continuing Education Certificate in Land Development: Site Planning and Zoning (Dallas Builders Association, March 26, 2015).
  • 2019–present Board of Directors: Regional Hispanic Contractors Association (RHCA)
  • Graduate of DART Small Business Academy (2018):
  • Construction Mentor-Protégé Program (June-August 2018):
  • Training Program: Turner School of Construction Management (TSCM) (September 6-November 1).
  • In 2022, completed a 9-week program honing construction skills such as legal, negotiation, marketing, technology, bidding, estimating, HR, insurance, bonding, and company growth. Awarded program completion certificate.

Ezequiel Velazquez

Demonstrating unwavering professionalism and dependability, Job Site Superintendent Ezequiel Velazquez boasts a substantial twenty years of dedicated experience in the construction industry. Since the inception of his construction career in 2002, Ezequiel Velazquez has accumulated a considerable amount of expertise in the field, which includes both residential and commercial projects.

With regard to residential construction, he has attained a high level of expertise in the process of converting blueprints into tangible structures. A multitude of endeavors, encompassing grand suburban estates as well as modern urban residences, have been effectively supervised and completed with scrupulous precision under his guidance. This vast knowledge encompasses the construction of custom homes, extensive renovations, and additions.

The expansion of commercial sector businesses in North Texas has been stimulated by the impact of his commercial construction projects on buildings. His extensive portfolio includes office buildings and corporate centers, retail complexes, and multifamily units.

Phone: 817-231-3146

Email: infodlc@dlcdesignstx.com

Orca Home Loans

At GoBiz Financial | Luvurhm Realty | DLC Designs & Construction we strive to fit you with the best possible financing options and mortgage loans for your lifestyle. We are proud to work alongside Orca Home Loans to provide you with the lending services you’ve been looking for.